Philippe Raynal
Former Research Fellow

Status: Alumnus (data might not be up-to-date)


  • Kais Abdelkhalek, Ren Schwonnek, Hans Maassen, Fabian Furrer, Jrg Duhme, P. Raynal, B.-G. Englert, Reinhard F. Werner. (2015). Optimality of entropic uncertainty relations. Int. J. Quant. Info. 13 1550045
  • P. Raynal, Lu X., B.-G. Englert. (2011). Mutually unbiased bases in dimension six: The four most distant bases. Phys. Rev. A 83 062303
  • A. Kalev, P. Raynal, J. Suzuki, B.-G. Englert. (2010). Encoding many qubits in a rotor. Phys. Rev. A 81 052327
  • G.C. Thiang, P. Raynal, B.-G. Englert. (2009). Optimal Lewenstein-Sanpera decomposition of two-qubit states using semidefinite programming. Phys. Rev. A 80 052313