Mischa Woods
Former Research Fellow

Status: Alumnus (data might not be up-to-date)


  • Joshua S. Gill, M.P.Woods, Carolyn M. Salafia, Dimitri D. Vvedensky. Probability distributions for measures of placental shape and morphology.
  • M.P.Woods, N. Ng, S. Wehner. The maximum efficiency of nano heat engines depends on more than temperature.
  • S. Wehner, Mark M. Wilde, M.P.Woods. Work and reversibility in quantum thermodynamics.
  • N. Ng, M.P.Woods, S. Wehner. Surpassing the Carnot Efficiency by extracting imperfect work.


  • Mitchison, Mark T., M.P.Woods, Prior, Javier, Huber, Marcus. (2015). Coherence-assisted single-shot cooling by quantum absorption refrigerators. New J. Phys. 17 115013
  • M.P.Woods, R. Groux, A. W. Chin, S. F. Huelga, M. B. Plenio. (2014). Mappings of open quantum systems onto chain representations and Markovian embeddings. J. Math. Phys. 55 032101
  • Faircloth, Letchford, Gabor, Whitehead, Wood, Jolly, Pozimski, Savage, M.P.Woods. (2008). Rev. Sci. Instrum. 79 0034-6748