Christian Miniatura
Visiting Research Professor
+65 6516 4468
Exploratory Initiatives


  • Sen Mu, Nicolas Macé, Gong Jiangbin, C. Miniatura, Gabriel Lemarie, Mathias Albert. Superfluidity vs thermalisation in a nonlinear Floquet system.
  • T. Haug, R. Dumke, L.C. Kwek, C. Miniatura, L. Amico. Engineering quantum current states with machine learning.
  • Matteo Rizzi, C. Miniatura, Anna Minguzzi, Patrizia Vignolo. Contact and ground-state energy for harmonically-trapped one-dimensional interacting bosons: from two to many.
  • Chee Weng Koong, B.-G. Englert, C. Miniatura, N. Chandrasekhar. Giant spin Hall conductivity in platinum at room temperature.


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  • Jean Decamp , Jiangbin Gong, H.Loh, C. Miniatura. (2020). Graph Theory Treatment of One-Dimensional Strongly Repulsive Fermions. Physical Review Research 2 023059
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