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CQT Highlights

December 1: CQT researchers collaborate in quantum simulations on Google's superconducting chip

The international team published in Science a study of the Hofstadter butterfly and many-body localisation

November 20: CQT's Vlatko Vedral a highly cited scientist

The theoretical physicist is among the top 1% for citations in physics

November 15: Singapore's former President Dr Tony Tan visits CQT

Dr Tan was chairman of Singapore's National Research Foundation when the Centre was established

November 10: Getting cross-Kerr with trapped ions

Dzmitry Matsukevich's group uses nonlinearity in a trapped ion system to count and multiply phonons

November 6: CQT experts to consult on quantum security of cryptocurrency

The researchers co-authored a white paper assessing the threat quantum computers pose

October 31: Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction

Researchers in Singapore use a super-resolution imaging technique to strengthen photon interaction with atoms

October 19: Book presents global perspectives on quantum simulation

CQT PI Dimitris Angelakis edited the eight-chapter book on Quantum Simulations with Photons and Polaritons published by Springer

October 17: Atomic arrays can act as lenses for quantum information

Finding from CQT's Alexander Glaetzle and collaborators holds promise for quantum networks and computing

October 11: Flash fiction competition Quantum Shorts opens for entries

CQT organises the annual competition with international media partners and scientific partners

October 9: Raising awareness of quantum impacts in cybersecurity

CQT exhibited at GovWare, the cornerstone event of Singapore International Cyber Week

September 29: CQT hosts Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister

CQT hosts Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister

September 25: Barium qubit promising for telecoms

Manas Mukherjee’s group shows that Barium can act fast near telecoms wavelengths

August 29: When dimensions are not what they seem

CQT researchers point out a conceptual problem with dimension witnesses for quantum systems

August 22: CQT's Director awarded public honour

Artur Ekert was presented with the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in Singapore's National Day Awards

July 18: Celebrating the graduation of CQT students

Eleven PhD students at CQT completed their degrees this year

July 12: Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets – even over the internet

Researchers in Singapore and Australia suggest you could operate a quantum computer in the cloud without revealing your data or the program you're running

June 28: CQT's quantum summer camp a hit with college students

Students find the immersive course in quantum technologies "awesome" and "mind-blowing"

June 18: Communications privacy in the quantum era

CQT's Alexander Ling authors opinion piece for The Straits Times newspaper

May 29: Quantum states reveal themselves with measurable 'fingerprint'

Discovery by international team offers route to certify devices for quantum computing and quantum cryptography

April 12: Result co-authored by CQT student accepted for top conferences

Anurag Anshu contributed to showing that quantum communication can exceed information exponentially

April 5: A tour of the interdisciplinary frontiers of quantum and complexity science

Presenting videos and slides from a workshop held in Singapore in January

March 17: Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2016

Enjoy a magazine-style overview of the year's news for research, events and people

March 1: Quantum Shorts screen at Singapore's ArtScience Museum

The ten finalists in our festival for quantum-inspired short films are showing at local and international events.

February 24: Shaking Schrödinger's cat may protect it from the environment

Researchers from CQT and the Technical University of Berlin show that a driven system can maintain coherence

February 13: Will androids dream of quantum sheep?

CQT researchers find that quantum 'replicants' could be more efficient than classical models

January 26: Early-career CQT scientist wins spot at prestigious events

James Grieve, a Senior Research Fellow, was invited to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit and Commonwealth Science Conference

December 21: Going covert: a security step above encryption

CQT researchers propose method to do covert quantum communication

December 12: Closing 2016 at CQT with celebrations of science and staff

The Centre marked its 9th birthday and presented staff awards at end-of-year events

December 5: We're on a TV show for kids

Manas Mukerhjee presents CQT's laser cooling powers to the hosts of Make me a Super

December 2: Shape matters when light meets atom

Mapping the interaction of a single atom with a single photon may inform design of quantum devices

November 25: Review marks ten years of research on quantum simulations with light

CQT researchers were invited to contribute the review to Reports on Progress in Physics

November 23: Symposium on quantum engineering encourages crosstalk

CQT-supported conference of French and Singaporean scientists spans research fields

November 18: Topological scheme for transporting quantum particles inspired by Nobel winner's work

Researchers at CQT and their collaborators present a scheme that could move groups of quantum particles in future quantum computers

October 24: Bringing quantum tech to new NUS-Singtel corporate lab

CQT researchers join the NUS-Singtel Cyber Security Research and Development Laboratory to develop quantum key distribution for Singtel's fibre network

September 16: CQT launches international short film festival "Quantum Shorts"

The festival is supported by media partners Scientific American and Nature, scientific partners and screening partners

September 8: Verified: super-resolution imaging technique

CQT experimentalists first to test novel optical method invented by NUS colleagues

August 31: Games played at the quantum boundary

CQT researchers and their collaborators counter counter-examples to the Oppenheim-Wehner property

July 22: Technique eliminates errors in atomic transition measurements

Transition probabilities in Barium found to within 1%, paving way to search for physics beyond the Standard Model

July 12: CQT hosts international conference on quantum communication, measurement and computing

Some 300 scientists attended QCMC 2016, including special sessions on loophole-free Bell tests and industrial efforts

July 11: Congratulations to CQT's new graduates

Thirteen students with the Centre have been awarded PhD degrees in 2016

June 28: Pioneer of quantum research in Singapore awarded Emeritus Professorship

Oh Choo Hiap, a CQT Fellow, is the first member of the NUS Department of Physics to receive the honour

June 14: Youth make quantum leap at week-long workshop

More than 30 students learnt about quantum technologies and cryptography at CQT's Generation Q Camp

June 8: Creative trapping method simplifies cold atoms experiment

Researchers at CQT show that crossed beams can move atoms efficiently

June 2: Quantum satellite device tests technology for global quantum network

Singapore-built satellite makes and measures light particles pair by pair

May 25: Discord at play in quantum illumination

Calculations suggest that noise-resilient quantum correlations could explain performance of imaging technique

April 29: CQT's Director elected Fellow of the Royal Society

Artur Ekert becomes part of the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence

April 25: Result smashes size record for quantum correlations

Ability to detect Bell correlations in many-body systems could bring technology advantages

April 20: Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary

Compression of experimental data reveals the presence of quantum correlations

April 1: Presenting the winners of the Quantum Shorts flash fiction contest

Four stories from over 400 entries claim prizes in the international competition organised by CQT

March 21: Thick crystals shine in photon-pair source tests

CQT research on BBO crystal performance points to cost-saving designs for quantum devices

March 20: Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2015

The report offers a readable round-up of research news and events from the Centre

March 15: Practical quantum technologies: a workshop for industry

Staff of ST Electronics (Info-Security) attended a one-day programme at CQT

March 10: CQT Research Fellow to attend the 2016 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting

Dai Jibo picked to join the week-long event in July with 30 Nobel laureates

March 3: Quantum mirror takes time to behave

CQT researchers predict how to make atomic mirrors perfectly replicate cavity quantum electrodynamics

February 26: Undergrad researcher at CQT filmed for TV documentary

The third-year physics student represented the University's "Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Science" programme

February 22: CQT welcomes alumnus back as National Research Foundation Fellow

Mile Gu takes appointment with CQT and the Nanyang Technological University under NRF's prestigious fellowship scheme

February 4: Maxwell's demon lives for light

Researchers including CQT's Vlatko Vedral have built a demon that extracts work from disorder in a photonic system

January 25: Atoms cooperate to emit sequence of 'superflashes'

Effect discovered by researchers in Singapore and France could have applications in telecoms

January 12: Visiting Prof Masahito Hayashi claims high-profile Japanese science prizes

He is recognised for his work in classical and quantum information theory

January 11: CQT is a creative partner of the NUS Arts Festival 2016

The festival in March will take cues from science and collaboration with CQT researchers

December 24: Twenty stories make the finals of the Quantum Shorts contest

Voting is open on the shortlisted stories in the flash fiction contest, selected from over 400 entries

December 21: Quantum showcase at the ArtScience Museum

CQT presented a one-day exhibition at the ArtScience Museum in collaboration with the NUS Science Demo Lab

December 14: CQT turns eight years old

The Centre celebrated its birthday with a scientific symposium featuring talks on quantum randomness and the future of computing

December 9: Computing with time travel

CQT researchers and their collaborators find a quantum advantage for computing with open timelike curves

November 12: CQT's Joe Fitzsimons named one of Asia's top young innovators

For his work on secure quantum computing, Joe is on the 2016 EmTech Asia, MIT Technology Review's 'Innovators Under 35 Asia' list

November 9: Experiment records extreme quantum weirdness

Precision measurement of entangled photon pairs yields correlation measure approaching the Tsirelson bound

October 12: CQT Professors elected Fellows of the American Physical Society

Berge Englert and Oh Choo Hiap honoured for their exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise

September 16: CQT launches international flash fiction competition

The competition for quantum-inspired short stories runs with partners including Scientific American, Nature Futures, Tor Books and leading research centres around the world

August 27: Space-bound CQT experiment survived rocket explosion in working order

The recovery of SPEQS boosts team's confidence in its rugged design

August 18: CQT welcomes Tania De Rozario as writer-in-residence

During her five-month residency, Tania will work on a novella with quantum themes

August 14: A quantum battery could turbocharge thanks to entanglement

Theoretical work by an international team shows that quantum effects can speed up energy transfer

August 6: Quantum physicist Roy Glauber records memories of the Manhattan Project

He was filmed by CQT's former Outreach Fellow Karol Jalochowski for a documentary series on scientific pioneers

July 10: Eight CQT PhD students awarded degrees at 2015 ceremony

Congratulations to our new doctors!

July 8: 240 delegates from 25 countries attend ICOLS in Singapore

Organisation of the 22nd International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy was supported by CQT

July 1: "Breakthrough" research in query complexity

Preprint from CQT researchers and their collaborators takes down long-standing conjectures

June 26: Youth take on quantum cryptography at Generation Q Camp

CQT researchers and graduate students taught a three-day workshop for junior college students

June 4: CQT's Director speaks at the World Science Festival

Artur Ekert starred in programme on quantum physics at the festival in New York City

May 13: Light mimics forbidden particle

Simulation of the Majorana equation follows theoretical proposal by CQT researchers

April 27: "Evocative" data visualisation takes top spot in Quantum Shorts film contest

Prizes decided in competition organised by CQT with Scientific American and Nature as media partners

April 22: Exacting measurements on atoms do better than theory

Precision measurements on trapped Barium ions by Manas Mukherjee's group are part of programme to study parity violation

April 10: Quantum cryptography features in NUS exhibition

The "Building Our Nation through Science and Technology" exhibition is being hosted at the University Cultural Centre and shopping centres across Singapore

March 30: CQT hosts UK-Singapore Quantum Symposium

Two-day event co-organised with the British High Commission's Science and Innovation team brought together leading researchers in quantum technologies from the UK and Singapore

March 5: Writer's residency to culminate in performance of musical theatre

Eleanor Wong's new physics-inspired work Initial Conditions will be staged on 13 and 14 March

March 3: Prospect of quantum machines inspires new physical laws

CQT researchers and their collaborators discover family of second laws of thermodynamics for quantum systems

February 27: Seven quantum-inspired films shortlisted

Judges and a public vote will now decide prizes in the Quantum Shorts 2014 film competition

February 26: How quantum entanglement could help us prove things

CQT researcher contributes to finding a 'multiprover interactive proof system' with a quantum advantage

February 3: Conference marks launch of the France-Singapore Majulab

Before the scientific programme began, opening speeches were given by VIPs including His Excellency the Ambassador of France to Singapore.

January 30: Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2014

Download the Centre's 2014 Annual Report to find out what happened in our quantum world last year.

January 21: Singapore to host International Conference on Quantum Computing, Measurement and Communication

The conference will be held 4-8 July 2016 at NUS and is expected to draw some 200 scientists.

December 24: CQTian of the Year award presented to Santa

Christian Kurtsiefer received the CQTian of the Year award for 2014 at CQT's Annual Event. Other awards were presented for performances and games.

December 20: Two quantum mysteries merged into one

CQT researchers show that wave-particle duality and quantum uncertainty are the same thing

December 10: CQT is seven

How does a seven-year-old research centre celebrate its birthday? With a scientific symposium, of course.

December 6: CQT's Dagomir Kaszlikowski wins film award

Dagomir's quantum thriller, starring CQT's Vlatko Vedral as a shady scientist, claims a top prize in contest run by the Foundational Questions Institute

November 25: CQT workshop on quantum contextuality addresses open questions

Some 50 participants attended the international workshop held 3-7 November

November 19: Zen and the art of quantum complexity

New Scientist magazine features a "Big Idea" from CQT's Vlatko Vedral and Mile Gu

October 28: Witness scheme detects entanglement efficiently

Researchers’ approach could characterise entanglement for applications in communication and computation

October 20: CQT researchers get photons into shape

The team reports in Physical Review Letters a time-reversal trick to improve photon shape for sending information into atoms

October 13: Quantum technologies to go hybrid and into orbit

New projects at CQT to integrate quantum systems in the labs and build a quantum communications satellite

September 17: CQT announces the Quantum Shorts 2014 contest for short films

The competition, now in its third year, has Scientific American and Nature as media partners

September 10: Student gives invited talk at Singapore's ArtScience Museum

Tan Peng Kian presented alongside artists at the seminar 'Visualizing the Universe', describing his measurements of photon bunching in sunlight

August 25: Superabsorbing ring could make ultrasensitive camera pixel

International team proposes novel quantum technology for light-harvesting

August 18: How is a quantum bit like a ballerina?

Researchers draw dancing analogy to explain connection between quantum uncertainty principle and quantum dynamics

August 11: CQT congratulates Governing Board members on awards

Mr Lam Chuan Leong and Professor Tan Eng Chye receive medals in the Singapore National Day Awards 2014

August 8: Quality testing for quantum devices

Approach to certification works in real-world conditions and previously untestable situations

August 7: Professor celebrates publication of lecture notes

Berge Englert's book Lectures on classical electrodynamics is his ninth title

July 31: Review seeks path to successful quantum simulations

Q&A with the paper's first author explains the why, what, where and how of the article by CQT and Oxford researchers

July 28: Bringing physics to the malls, makers and movie-goers of Singapore

CQT researchers participate in major events at the Singapore Science Festival

July 21: CQT research on 'self-testing' wins journal award

The Journal of Physics A awarded its Best Paper Prize 2014 to research by Matthew McKague, Tzyh Haur Yang and Valerio Scarani

July 16: Congratulations to our doctors!

Eight students graduate from CQT's PhD programme in 2014

July 15: CQT researchers build tunable simulator of atom-light interactions

The setup realises the Dicke model, a widely used description of how atoms interact with light

June 27: Stellar measurement by quantum methods

Technique that detects photon bunching in
sunlight might be applied to open questions in astrophysics

June 16: France establishes new quantum lab at CQT

Around 20 scientists will participate in the MajuLab joint research unit directed by Christian Miniatura

June 12: Singapore's National Research Foundation awards CQT $36.9 million funding

Award to support the Centre's core operating costs from 2014

June 10: CQT researchers contribute to review of quantum nonlocality

The article in Reviews of Modern Physics covers nonlocality as defined by Bell's theorem

May 16: Meet a CQTian: Aarthi Sundaram

Aarthi is doing a PhD in theoretical computer science, working on quantum algorithms

April 30: CQT hosts conference in honour of PI Berge Englert's 60th birthday

Berge Fest marks milestone in scientific style. Happy birthday Berge!

April 18: Meet a CQTian: Loh Huanqian

Huanqian joined CQT after completing her PhD with Nobel prize-winner Eric Cornell - and she says physics was once her worst school subject!

April 4: Meet a CQTian: Sai Vinjanampathy

Sai is a Research Fellow at CQT whose interests include quantum metrology and South Indian cooking

March 27: Keeping secrets in a world of spies and mistrust

An article in Nature reviewing developments in quantum cryptography describes how we can keep our secrets secret even when faced with the double challenge of mistrust and manipulation

March 21: Meet a CQTian: Colin Teo

A graduate of CQT's PhD programme, Colin is leaving for Austria to start a postdoc on quantum sensors

March 12: Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme

International team demonstrates novel quantum crypto protocol for mutually distrustful parties

March 7: Meet a CQTian: Tan Peng Kian

Peng Kian works in a quantum optics lab on a project motivated by measuring the size of exoplanets

March 6: NUS hosts Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting 2014

Annual gathering of the country’s physicists was supported by CQT

February 14: Meet a CQTian: Troy Lee

Troy, CQT’s newest Principal Investigator, is a gymnast, juggler and theoretical computer scientist

January 29: Prize-winning stories inspired by quantum physics

We're delighted to announce the winners of our Quantum Shorts 2013 flash fiction competition

January 6: Course on randomness launches with over 42,000 students

The eight-week course by Valerio Scarani is being offered free to all online on Coursera.org

January 2: Good vibrations for trapped ions

CQT researchers propose a protocol to create entangled states and perform cooling using phonon dynamics

December 18: Singapore's Prime Minister visits CQT

The Centre was honoured to host PM Lee Hsien Loong and his delegation

December 17: Shortlists for the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition

Ten stories are shortlisted in the open international category and five in each student category

December 13: Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2013

Another busy year is coming to a close. Download our Annual Report to find out what we've been up to, from cooling fermions to applying information theory

December 10: Happy birthday to us

CQT has celebrated its sixth birthday with scientific talks, a birthday dinner, and the CQTian of the Year award for 2013

December 2: Quantum technologies stand to benefit from new source of entangled photon pairs

The source built at CQT uses four-wave mixing in a cold atomic vapour to produce photons well-suited to interfacing with atoms

November 26: Undergraduate honoured with University prize for CQT project

Computer science student Nguyen Truong Duy won award for his research with Stephanie Wehner's group on quantum entanglement

November 25: Reality Lost documentary results from one-year filming project

The film by CQT Outreach Fellow Karol Jalochowski explores the mind-boggling questions raised by quantum theory. Watch excerpts now

November 20: New Scientist publishes "Big Idea" feature by CQT researchers

Research Fellow Hugo Cable and alumnus Kavan Modi have written an opinion piece on the quantum phenomenon of ‘discord’

November 6: Special relativity combines forces with quantum physics to secure communication

CQT researchers and collaborators perform bit commitment between Geneva and Singapore using novel protocol

October 3: Twisted photons enable precision measurement

International team demonstrates promising measurement approach the researchers dub 'photonic polarisation gears'

October 1: Scheme checks answers to quantum computation

CQT's Joe Fitzsimons and his collaborators show way to check that a quantum computer is functioning as it should

September 4: CQT congratulates Jeysthur Ang on being named an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher

Student's final-year project at CQT is recognised with University-wide prize

August 23: Randomness and other research: group update from Valerio Scarani

A new grant and new people are ushering in new research directions for Valerio's group.

August 16: Meet a CQTian: Lana Sheridan

Lana Sheridan, a Research Fellow at CQT, is interested in randomness. She also plays 'Kendo', a martial art which involves hitting people in the head with big sticks!

August 2: Meet a CQTian: Johannes Gambari

Johannes manages what is probably the world’s only optical frequency comb on Twitter

July 31: Quantum physics at the Singapore Science Festival

CQTians share their science and problem-solving skills with the public.

July 26: Photonic quantum simulators: group update from Dimitris Angelakis

Research and people news from the six-strong group of Dimitris.

July 19: Meet a CQTian: Lian Chorng Wang

Meet this week- Chorng Wang, sharing his life and thoughts as a laboratory technician at CQT.

July 17: CQT announces the Quantum Shorts 2013 flash fiction competition

After the runaway success of last year's short film competition, CQT is now looking for quantum "flash fiction".

July 9: CQT students at commencement (8 July)

CQT congratulates its graduating students. Eight students from the PhD@CQT programme collect their degrees in 2013.

July 8: Become an 'Instant Expert' in quantum information

The 'Instant expert' guide in New Scientist magazine is written by CQT Principal Investigator Vlatko Vedral.

July 5: Meet a CQTian: Debashis De Munshi

Debashis joined CQT as a PhD student in 2012. He had shown early signs of being a scientist. As a kid, he says, he did things like "mix up medicines that I'd apply to plants and try to build a model ram-jet engine."

July 4: Proposal to close loopholes in entanglement test

Proposed experiment would remove assumptions from a test of quantumness that has applications in cryptography.

June 27: New at CQT: cold fermions!

Graduate students achieve triple degeneracy in quantum matter experiment, cooling three atom species - a boson and two fermions - to 500nK

June 21: Meet a CQTian: Agata Checinska

Agata is a Research Fellow whose quantum investigations are inspired by biological systems. She also blogs.

June 19: Game theory result takes CQTian to STOC

Troy Lee presented a paper at the conference identifying games for which Nash equilibria can be efficiently approximated.

June 18: Singapore selected to host major physics conference in 2015

Organising committee at CQT will plan ICOLS meeting for hundreds of delegates.

June 7: Meet a CQTian: Nick Lewty

Nick's achievements since moving to Singapore include making the world's most precise measurement of an 'octupole moment' and learning to brew.

June 6: Singapore's Physics Education Seminar draws nation's teachers

CQT helped to organise the 3-6 June conference offering professional development for physics teachers.

May 31: Meet a CQTian: Jed Kaniewski

In the first Q&A of our new interview series we meet Jed, cryptographer and rock climber. Jed is a CQT PhD student.

May 14: New principle may help explain why nature is quantum

Principle proposed by CQT's Stephanie Wehner and Corsin Pfister rules out various alternative theories of nature, including the possibility that state space is discrete.

May 6: Theorists see proposal for error-tolerant quantum gates realised

Experiments described in Nature and Physical Review Letters demonstrate the 'non-adiabatic holonomic quantum gates' recently proposed by CQT theorists and their collaborators.

April 24: Protocol makes noisy networks competitive for scalable quantum computing

Researchers in Singapore and the UK propose a scheme to strengthen an error-correcting toric topological code.

April 10: Uncertainty avoids perpetual motion machines

CQT researchers show that a violation of the quantum uncertainty principle implies a violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

April 9: CQT to participate in International Space Apps Challenge

Singapore's debut in the global event will feature a local challenge from CQT PI Alexander Ling.

March 11: Quantum simulation targets particle physics

CQT researchers and their collaborators propose simulation of a relativistic quantum field theory that has resisted full mathematical solution since the 1950s.

February 26: CQT Reseach Fellow named an Outstanding Referee

Martin Kiffner is recognised by the American Physical Society for services to peer review.

February 20: Double SODA showing from CQT computer scientists

Papers presented at the prestigious ACM-SIAM SODA conference tackle a search problem and the complexity of creating shared quantum states.

February 5: CQT team awarded S$10 million for research into randomness

Team of 13 Principal Investigators led by Valerio Scarani to receive five-year grant from Singapore's Ministry of Education.

January 25: Congratulations to CQT's two new NRF fellows

Joseph Fitzsimons and Troy Lee will each receive a research grant of up to S$3 million as recipients of the prestigious fellowship.

January 24: Inspired short films win quantum competition

We are pleased to announce the results of the Centre for Quantum Technologies / New Scientist Quantum shorts film competition.

January 18: Presenting the CQT Annual Report for 2012

Hear the latest from our ion trappers, learn why CQT is spending a million dollars on a fridge and understand how Singapore has become the world capital for direct product theorems. All this and more in our 2012 Annual Report...

January 2: World's first demonstration of bit commitment performed at CQT

Computer scientists and experimentalists collaborate to implement a communication protocol for parties who don't trust each other.

December 14: Awards made to CQTian of the Year 2012 and CQT's Got Talent winner

Evon Tan is named CQTian of the Year and Troy Lee is chosen as the Centre’s top performer.

December 13: A shortlist for the Quantum Shorts film competition

Ten quantum-inspired films will face an international jury and public vote.

December 7: Happy birthday to us

The Centre for Quantum Technologies is five today. What have we achieved?

November 29: Everything you ever wanted to know about measuring quantumness

CQT researchers and collaborators have written a comprehensive review of measures of quantum correlations for Reviews of Modern Physics.

November 27: Quantum dreams: an update on CQT's documentary project

CQT's Outreach Fellow Karol Jalochowski reports on his progress.

November 23: Twin peaks signal wave localisation

The peaks should be a distinctive marker of the important but not well-understood phenomenon of Anderson localisation, predict CQT researchers and their collaborators.

November 5: Quantum cryptography can resist malicious manipulation

Researchers including Artur Ekert, co-inventor of quantum cryptography, discover new power in the secret messaging technique.

October 29: Looking beyond space and time to cope with quantum theory

CQT researchers and their collaborators present in Nature Physics a 'hidden influence inequality' that exposes how quantum predictions challenge our understanding of spacetime.

October 23: Interview with 2012 Nobel Prize winner Serge Haroche

A preview from CQT's annual report for 2012, for which Serge Haroche contributed these reflections on his research and life beyond physics.

October 23: CQTian writes for New Scientist magazine about the physics that may explain everything

Article by Principal Investigator Vlatko Vedral exploring the past and future of thermodynamics is featured on the magazine's cover.

October 9: 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics to pioneers of quantum technologies

CQT congratulates Dave Wineland, a member of the Centre's advisory board, and Serge Haroche on their well-deserved award.

October 5: Experimental precision ahead of theory in measurements of Barium

In pinning down the down the properties of 137Ba+, the Mictrotraps group demonstrates skills for precision measurements and quantum computing experiments.

October 2: CQT-led team contributes feature to Optics and Photonics News

CQT PI Alexander Ling and his collaborators were invited to write about the group’s work on quantum optics for launch into space.

September 28: Extracting randomness from its root source

CQT's Stephanie Wehner and co-authors are first to look at the quantum analogue of classical randomness extractors.

September 25: Results on birds' proposed quantum vision fly apart

Different reasoning leads CQT research teams to differing predictions for the lifetime of a quantum state implicated in birds' magnetic sense.

September 18: So long, QCRYPT

The second annual conference on quantum cryptography was hosted by CQT in Singapore, 10-14 September 2012.

September 13: Film-maker arrives at CQT for a year-long project

Karol Jalochowski will be working on a documentary series about 'the most challenging puzzles of reality', as seen through a quantum lens.

September 5: CQT Director writes for Scientific American special issue

Artur Ekert has co-authored with Oxford physicist David Deutsch an article looking “Beyond the Quantum Horizon”.

August 22: CQT welcomes its Scientific Advisory Board

Six distinguished scientists spend a week at CQT for their annual review of the Centre's research direction.

August 7: Results show that discord can deliver a quantum advantage

CQT theorists contributed to a pair of papers in Nature Physics that put discord to the test.

August 2: CQT computer scientists doom protocol to repeat itself

The team has found a "direct product theorem for bounded-round public-coin randomized communication complexity" and will present the result at a prestigious conference.

July 30: CQT congratulates Nelly Ng Huei Ying on graduation awards

Nelly, who has joined CQT as a research assistant after a successful undergraduate project, wins two prizes from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.

July 16: CQT announces the Quantum Shorts 2012 film competition

Competition with New Scientist as media partner seeks short films inspired by quantum physics.

July 12: Student's graduation is milestone for the PhD@CQT programme

Arun is first from the now more than 50-strong PhD student cohort at CQT to collect his degree.

July 5: Singapore showcased at Nobel Laureate Meeting

Events at the physics-focused meeting featured CQT Director Artur Ekert, Principal Investigator Alexander Ling and CQT PhD student Colin Teo.

June 27: CQTians to participate in Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Four CQTians - including student Colin Teo, selected as a bright young researcher - will join Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the prestigious event in Germany.

June 13: Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister visits CQT

DPM Teo Chee Hean was accompanied on his visit to the National University of Singapore by the Permanent Secretary (National Research and Development) and other VIPs.

June 5: CQT tests quantum satellite components in near-space environment

Photon-entangling technology that CQT team proposes to launch on a satellite performs well in weather-balloon test.

May 31: CQT's Deputy Director joins leadership team of new Yale-NUS College

CQT congratulates Lai Choy Heng on his appointment as Executive Vice President (Academic affairs) for pioneering liberal arts college.

May 9: Information is physical and physics is informational

Paper by CQT researchers and their collaborators in Nature Communications highlights differences in computational power of different quantum phases.

May 7: Principal Investigator Rahul Jain awarded University prize

Congratulations to Rahul on winning an NUS Young Researcher Award 2012.

April 26: Researchers invent scheme to extract quantum computing power from noise

A trio of papers arising from research initiated at CQT show how to harness spontaneous emission for good.

April 26: A quantum Cabinet of Curiosities

A month-long art/science collaboration at CQT has ended with the installation of a "Cabinet of Curiosities" on the Centre's sixth floor.

April 9: Proposal to get ultrafast performance from promising quantum computing technology

Researchers from Singapore and Spain have designed circuit QED schemes to take advantage of the 'ultrastrong coupling regime'. The results are published in Physical Review Letters.

March 30: How quantum physics could make 'The Matrix' more efficient

CQT researchers and their collaborators report in Nature Communications that quantum mechanics can reduce the complexity of classical models.

March 27: CQT welcomes artist-in-residence

Supported by the 2012 NUS Arts/Science Residency programme, Grit Ruhland will spend a month at CQT working on a "Cabinet of Curiosities".

March 20: Dance like a neutrino: new quantum scheme to simulate particle oscillations

In the New Journal of Physics, CQT's Dimitris G. Angelakis and his group members describe a technique for quantum simulation of neutrino oscillations.

March 19: Investigation of birds’ quantum skills prompts new magnetoreception theory

CQT researchers and their collaborators propose in the Biophysical Journal a new quantum biology mechanism for European robins' magnetic sense

March 1: Prestigious College de France lectures hosted at CQT – course notes available

Serge Haroche gave the six-part lecture series "Quantum information with real or artificial atoms and photons in cavities" in February.

February 28: CQT supports Institute of Physics Singapore meeting at NUS

Two-day meeting encourages Singapore's standing as a hot spot for research in physics.

February 27: Researchers welcome new proofs of the quantum substate theorem

CQT's Rahul Jain and his collaborator publish in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory intuitive proofs of a widely-applied theorem.

February 21: CQT participates in global science event

Talk and exhibition stand at annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver, Canada, capture international attention.

February 6: Thinker, diver, pilot, code-breaker

CQT Director Artur Ekert profiled in Singapore's TODAY newspaper.

January 20: Quantum physics enables perfectly secure cloud computing: paper in Science

Idea invented by CQT's Joe Fitzsimons and colleagues implemented in the lab.

January 19: Singapore hosts first international workshop on quantum discord

CQT-organised workshop drew researchers from around the world to discuss the significance of 'discord' as a measure of quantumness.

January 13: CQT congratulates first PhD@CQT student to defend thesis

Arun to be first graduate of the PhD@CQT programme established in 2008.

January 9: Presenting 'The Mechanics', a short film by Karol Jalochowski

CQT proudly supports the journalist and film-maker in producing documentaries about quantum physics.

January 4: In search of certainty about superpositions: paper in Nature Communications

International team demonstrates approach that could test for quantum superpositions in macroscopic objects.

December 30: Imperfections could massively improve quantum hard drives: paper in Physical Review Letters

CQT and Oxford researcher calculates lengthened lifetimes for quantum memories using toric codes in the presence of imperfections.

December 16: Inaugural CQTian of the Year award presented to Swee Yee Wee

Award recognises exceptional contributions to making CQT a welcoming and vibrant place.

December 13: Presenting the CQT Annual Report for 2011

We are pleased to make available the Centre's Annual Report for 2011. Download the pdf here.

December 8: CQT hosts 'unconference' on quantum tomography

Around 50 researchers participated in the workshop on quantum state and process estimation.

December 7: CQT's Dagomir Kaszlikowski guest blogs for Scientific American

Dagomir describes his team's novel approach to a foundational quantum problem: how the classical world emerges from the quantum.

December 2: Diamonds entangled at room temperature: paper in Science

Oxford and CQT researchers measure quantum effects in the macroscopic world.

November 28: Governor General of Canada cites CQT-IQC collaboration in speech

Address to NUS highlights the two institute's commitment to work together on quantum research.

November 11: Proposal holds promise for imaging atoms by their nuclear magnetic field: paper in Phys Rev Lett

Researchers from Singapore and Oxford calculate that an 'amplifier' spin system could enhance the sensitivity of magnetic sensors thousandfold.

November 11: Ceremony marks creation of International Associated Laboratory by CQT and French partners

Research association between CQT, the French public research organisation CNRS and six French research institutions will facilitate collaboration.

October 24: CQT researchers in New Scientist article on cracking the uncrackable code

CQT's Christian Kurtsiefer and Valerio Scarani appear in "Ciphercrime", a feature about hacking quantum cryptography systems.

October 21: How a quintessential quantum test was fooled: paper in Physical Review Letters

Experiment by CQT researchers and their collaborators shows why quantum physicists should always read the fine print.

October 18: CQT congratulates writer-in-residence on award

George Musser, staff editor and writer for Scientific American, has received an American Institute of Physics communication award.

September 29: CQT lasers get new taskmaster

Investment in S$600,000 frequency comb brings new optical precision to CQT’s experimental labs.

September 13: Ruling out alternatives to quantum theory: paper in Physical Review Letters

CQT's Esther Hänggi and colleagues show that it may be possible to rule out the idea that faster-than-light communication could explain results interpreted as quantum.

August 23: Prestigious information theory award won by CQT's Masahito Hayashi

Congratulations to Masahito Hayashi on receiving the 2011 IEEE Information Theory Paper Award.

August 11: CQT Admin Director receives national honour

Congratulations to Kuldip Singh on receiving the Commendation Medal in Singapore’s National Day Awards 2011.

August 8: Entangling measurements for the cautious: paper in Physical Review Letters

Paper proposes scheme to certify that entangling devices of the sort required for quantum teleportation behave as they should.

August 2: CQT undergraduate research scoops University award for third consecutive year

Congratulations to Le Phuc Thinh on winning an NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize.

August 1: Quantum ignorance is hard to expose: paper in Physical Review Letters

The quantum world allows you to answer questions correctly when you don't even have all the information you should need, CQT and UC Berkeley researchers find.

July 28: Families join CQT's X-perimental team

CQT staff take hands-on science to opening event of the Singapore Science Festival

July 27: Three insights into the foundations of computer science

CQT researchers have three papers accepted for major conference FOCS 2011.

July 20: Atomic trios promise robust quantum data storage: paper in Physical Review A

CQT researchers and their collaborators assess a qubit design that could offer a million-fold improvement in lifetime over the current experimental best.

June 15: Making quantum cryptography truly secure: paper in Nature Communications

Researchers in Singapore and Norway implemented an eavesdropper exploiting a loophole, since closed, in secure communications technology.

June 14: CQT hosts two artists-in-residence

Artists Linda Sim and Dario Lombardi spend their residency at CQT developing an art installation inspired by ideas in physics.

June 2: Quantum knowledge cools computers: paper in Nature

CQT's Vlatko Vedral and Oscar Dahlsten, with colleagues from ETH Zurich, define the thermodynamic meaning of negative entropy.

May 19: Scientific American readers told they are living in a quantum world

The magazine's June cover story is by CQT's Vlatko Vedral.

May 18: CQT's John Baez introduces the "octonions" to a popular audience

Scientific American article "The strangest numbers in string theory" co-authored with John Huerta.

April 12: Light could show electrons' personality split: paper in Physical Review Letters

Researchers propose that photons can simulate a long-sought quantum effect.

February 25: Artur Ekert gives radio listeners the low-down on quantum technologies

CQT Director interviewed on science radio show The Red Shift.

February 21: At the end of the quantum world: research in the Journal of Physics A

CQT researcher Valerio Scarani publishes a news article and new paper on the 'tripartite no-signaling polytope'.

February 16: CQT's Markus Grassl recognised for contributions to peer review

Markus is second CQT researcher to be honoured by the American Physical Society.

February 11: Non-locality from nothing: paper in Nature Communications

Theorists from Singapore and Spain collaborate on work that explores the relationship between non-locality and quantum entanglement.

January 27: CQT work on the quantum biology of birds draws media interest

Researchers' calculations show that a robin's magnetic compass may preserve quantum states for longer than achieved in the lab.

January 18: A successful QIP

Singapore hosted the 14th Workshop on Quantum Information Processing in January 2011.

January 17: Proposal for weaving light-matter qubits listed among "most cited papers"

Paper by CQT researchers in recent top ten list for quantum computing from ScienceWatch.com

December 15: Probing the quantum dynamics of electrons in a Mott insulator: paper in Nature Physics

CQT researchers Stephen Clark and Dieter Jaksch have helped to uncover the ultra-fast quantum dynamics of electrons in a room-temperature material.

December 13: Presenting the CQT Annual Report for 2010

Read about our research achievements and activities in this year's annual report, available to download as a PDF.

November 19: CQT Researcher uncovers surprise link between weird quantum phenomena

Principal Investigator Stephanie Wehner co-authors paper in Science showing that the uncertainty principle determines the non-locality of quantum mechanics.

October 22: The Art of Math

How might category theory be useful in quantum physics? A profile of CQT Visiting Research Professor John Baez on the website of the Foundational Questions Institute explains.

October 14: The Straits Times reports on textbook co-authored with students

Principal Investigator Valerio Scarani and two students from NUS High School of Math & Science celebrate the publication of their textbook, Six Quantum Pieces.

October 13: French book features CQT's Valerio Scarani on randomness

The elegant coffee table book presents essays from 65 quantum scientists set among black and white photographs.

October 7: CQT in the news: Weirdness for the brave

The weekly Polish-language news magazine Polityka features CQT in an article by science journalist Karol Jalochowski.

July 28: X-periment! 2010

X-periment! is a three-day science carnival organised by A*STAR & Science Centre Singapore that celebrates the latest developments and research works in the field of science and technology.

March 31: Official partnership between CQT and IQC

Official partnership between CQT and IQC, University of Waterloo featured by Waterloo Chronicle and TheRecord.com

March 31: CQT Recognized as Laureate by the Computerworld Honors Program

Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), a Research Centre of Excellence in National University of Singapore, has been recognized as a Laureate by the Computerworld Honors Program.

October 27: Cold fermions as a hot topic!

A recent publication of Kean Loon, Benoit, Han Rui, Berge and Christian M has been highlighted by the American Physical Society in "Physics" among the hits of the week

October 22: A new physical principle behind quantum physics

Tomasz Paterek, Dagomir Kaszliskowski, Valerio Scarani and Andreas Winter from CQT, together with co-workers of the University of Gdansk (Poland), propose a new physical principle called "information causality" in a paper published in Nature.

September 30: All you wanted to know in quantum cryptography

All you wanted to know in quantum cryptography has now been reviewed for you by Valerio Scarani of CQT and his co-authors, in a publication in Reviews of Modern Physics.

August 5: QIP = PSPACE = IP ?

Computational Complexity Theory studies how difficult it is to solve a problem, or how hard it is to verify that a proposed solution is indeed correct. The degree of difficulty depends of course on the resources one can use: in particular, quantum physics being more general than classical physics, one might expect the use of quantum resources to help.

May 25: Mile's work highlighted in Nature

Mile Gu's recent work on complexity and emergence catches attention of editors of Nature.

May 11: CQT features four articles in the NJP special issue on Quantum Cryptography

New Journal of Physics, one of the highest impact factor journals for physics and quantum information, has devoted a special issue to quantum cryptography. Four out of the twenty selected articles have been authored by the CQT Quantum Optics Group.

May 10: Coolest place in the Equator

When atoms are cooled down to a temperature very close to absolute zero, they tend to "bunch" together in a peculiar way predicted by Bose and Einstein in the 1920s.

January 31: Where does life come from?

How do migrating birds manage to travel from Northern Europe to Africa and back? It's quantum physics, stupid!

October 15: The shadow of a single atom

Take a laser (not a very powerful one, but still, emitting more light than a standard pointer) and shine the light on a single atom. Do you expect to see any effect?

August 27: Quantum Roadtrip

A team from the quantum optics group recently took their quantum key distribution system quite literally into the "wilderness". It started with an invitation from our friends at NIST to do a joint exhibition of QKD systems at the two largest computer security (a.k.a. hackers) conferences in the world: Black Hat (for the corporate types) and DEFCON (for the alternative version) in Las Vegas.

August 8: National Science Award 2008

The team of Prof Christian Kurtsiefer, Prof Valerio Scarani and Prof Antia Lamas-Linares have been awarded the 2008 National Science Award.

July 26: The unbreakable code: Is this the lock?

You wouldn't trust a device sold by your enemy to establish a secret code with your friends, would you? And yet, you should - if the device is suitably based on quantum physics.

June 2: Quantum Cryptography is Possible with Finite Resources

The possibility of using quantum physics for secret communication has been noticed more than 20 years ago. "Quantum cryptography" has since been implemented, first in physics laboratories (including NUS), then in the first commercial devices.

February 23: Quantum physics in Straits Times

Quantum physics offers a bizarre view of reality that is observer dependent and multifaceted. Read more about it in the Straits Times as explained by one of our PIs using card games and magical tricks.

January 24: CQT Member in Google Techtalks

Alex Ling , a graduate student at CQT, was recently asked to give a talk about his work in quantum cryptography at the Googleplex. Alex was in California attending Photonics West (a scientific/technical conference) presenting recent work on device independent quantum cryptography.

January 23: Testing how weird nature really is

According to quantum theory, two quantum objects can be "entangled" in a way that only joint properties are sharply defined, while the individual properties of each object are lost. For instance, two "quantum arrows" (spins) can be such that they surely point in opposite directions (sharp joint property) but no arrow points in a definite direction (individual properties are lost). This is clearly at odds with our everyday experience, in which joint properties appear only as consequences of individual ones.